【Sat Oct 4 Time Slot 2】 ICSE Business Plan Clinic

Sat, 04 Oct 2014 15:00 - 16:00 JST

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We, ICSE (Incternational Center for Social Entrepreneurship), will hold "Socail Design Innovation Competition" on Saturday November 15th.
(started in 2010 and it will be 5th competition this year.)

We will have Business Plan Clinic on below dates and time slots.
This opportunity is for those who would like a guidance on how to build a business plan and effective way to brush up your ideas in order to show others.

It will be your first step to put your idea out in order to launch business in the real world.

If interested, please apply via ICSE Doorkeeper page ( ) "Next Event" section or below link on each time slot.

■ Clinic Dates and Time Slots

Date Time Slot Register Page link
9/27(土) 14:00 〜 15:00
9/27(土) 15:00 〜 16:00
10/4(土) 14:00 〜 15:00
10/4(土) 15:00 〜 16:00

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